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cvsdb::CheckinDatabase Class Reference

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Detailed Description

CheckinDatabase provides all interfaces needed to the SQL database back-end; it needs to be subclassed, and have its "Connect" method defined to actually be complete; it should run well off of any DBI 2.0 complient database interface.

Definition at line 36 of file cvsdb.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def AddCommit
def AddCommitList
def CheckCommit
def Connect
def CreateSQLQueryString
def get
def get_id
def get_list
def GetAuthor
def GetAuthorID
def GetAuthorList
def GetBranch
def GetBranchID
def GetBranchList
def GetDescription
def GetDescriptionID
def GetDirectory
def GetDirectoryID
def GetFile
def GetFileID
def GetRepository
def GetRepositoryID
def GetRepositoryList
def RunQuery
def sql_get
def sql_get_id
def SQLGetDescriptionID
def SQLQueryListString

Public Attributes


Private Attributes

 database lookup caches

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