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cvsdb::Commit Class Reference

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Detailed Description

the Commit class holds data on one commit, the representation is as close as possible to how it should be committed and retrieved to the database engine

Definition at line 433 of file cvsdb.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def GetAuthor
def GetBranch
def GetDescription
def GetDirectory
def GetFile
def GetMinusCount
def GetPlusCount
def GetRepository
def GetRevision
def GetTime
def GetType
def GetTypeString
def SetAuthor
def SetBranch
def SetDescription
def SetDirectory
def SetFile
def SetMinusCount
def SetPlusCount
def SetRepository
def SetRevision
def SetTime
def SetTypeAdd
def SetTypeChange
def SetTypeRemove

Static Public Attributes

int ADD = 1
int CHANGE = 0
 static constants for type of commit
int REMOVE = 2

Private Attributes


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